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In tumultuous white water and river rapids, “cross draw” is a paddle technique to swiftly shift position for re-placement, re-direction, and successful navigation.  Similarly, public service agencies and human service organizations can find themselves in tumultuous times that require deft techniques and support to help them navigate challenges. 

WBKEARNEY & Associates uses client-tested, time-proven group work and facilitation methods to help clients swiftly re-position any part of their agency/organization – Committees/Councils, Board, Leadership, Management, Staff, Resources, Programs, and Marketing.

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A Focus on Building Capacity

The Cross Draw approach to organization support emphasizes specific organizational capacities that can be strengthened and expanded throughout the support process.  Every organization has unique structures, mission and goals; and we believe that the best support process is one that is customized for each client.  Our objective is to guide each client through a tailored process and assist them with support that perfectly reflects the vision and culture of their organization and empowers them to succeed.

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We are proud of our Strategic Planning support to over 80 agencies and organizations since 2001. From small start up community based organizations, to state, tribal and federal agencies, we have designed planning processes that set each client on the road to success. WBKEARNEY & Associates shapes planning processes to ...



Leading groups through change can be a daunting process, and requires specialized techniques and methods.  Having neutral facilitation, focused on PROCESS is as critical as the discussions of CONTENT. Harnessing and organizing the synergy of the group can bring it to its intended result. We have facilitated international, national, regional and ...

Analytical reviews and assessments gather useful, objective information that informs responses to issues and agency directions.  Often times it cuts through skewed or incomplete views of the true underlying issues and influences.  Sound data and information can provide a complete view and help inform organizational decisions. WBKEARNEY & Associates has provided ...

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