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Leading groups through change can be a daunting process, and requires specialized techniques and methods.  Having neutral facilitation, focused on PROCESS is as critical as the discussions of CONTENT. Harnessing and organizing the synergy of the group can bring it to its intended result.

We have facilitated international, national, regional and local meetings on –

  • Human Trafficking (international, national, state and local)
  • AMBER Alert (regional and national)
  • State Sex Offender Registries (national)
  • Childhood Safety (national)
  • Next Generation 9-1-1 (state)
  • Domestic Security coordination (state)

Our group and meeting facilitation is founded in the principles and concepts originally learned from Interaction Associates, and now strongly influenced by The Clearing, and the work of Chris McGoff. By using The Primes to address the work and needs of a group, we facilitate meaningful, long-term change.

Additional meeting services we provide include:

Logistics Management
Custom Training
Conference Presentations
Keynote Speeches

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