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Strategic Planning

Analytical reviews and assessments gather useful, objective information that informs responses to issues and agency directions.  Often times it cuts through skewed or incomplete views of the true underlying issues and influences.  Sound data and information can provide a complete view and help inform organizational decisions.

WBKEARNEY & Associates has provided analytical support and led onsite assessments for federal clients on complex local justice-related issues, as well as assessments for community based organizations.

Implementation support requires the equally important soft skills of “selling” and managing change with key players, along with the hard skills of multitasking within available resources and time frames.  Understanding applicable standards, guidelines, regulations and requirements supports high quality operations.  The organization’s mission or plan becomes a shared vision – to seek alternatives and solutions with an open mind.  The drive for constant improvement through change supports the organization’s growth and long-term impact.

Implementation and operations support provided by WBKEARNEY & Associates include:


Implementation Coaching
Technical Assistance
Organization Management Support
Process Development
System Development
Program Management
Project Management
Operations Design & Development
Program Integration Services

Operations Support

Operations Assessment
Program Assessment
Organizational Assessment
Grant Administration



WBKEARNEY & ASSOCIATES has the experience to help you refine and enhance your operations.  We can meet specific organizational or project needs while supporting your organization’s strategic direction.

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