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We are proud of our Strategic Planning support to over 80 agencies and organizations since 2001. From small start up community based organizations, to state, tribal and federal agencies, we have designed planning processes that set each client on the road to success.

WBKEARNEY & Associates shapes planning processes to take advantage of opportunities that arise from the planning process, if anticipated and managed properly.  This gives agencies and organizations added benefits from from their strategic planning process and a head start on its implementation.

Who is involved in the Strategic Planning process is an important consideration when considering a strategic planning process.  Shaping the Committee that will guide the process, identifying who will provide input and how, and staff roles to support the planning process all help shape the development of a successful Strategic Plan and supporting Work Plan.  WBKEARNEY & Associates views strategic planning as a four phase process:

Strategic Planning: A Four Phase Process

Phase 1: Planning to Plan

“How you begin is how it goes.” Molding the Strategic Planning process to your organization’s needs sets the tone for the success of the entire process.  By envisioning the process, benefits and challenges, realistic time frames and meaningful roles can be identified.  We take time to sit down with the key people in your organization to clearly define the intended outcomes, identify specific steps, and ensure that the outcomes and process are consistent.  Designing the meeting agenda and other meeting preparation items helps to ensure a successful planning session.

Phase 2: Data Gathering & Review

Community data and organizational metrics provide critical insight into gaps, needs, and possibilities.  We support the data collection and analysis that will be performed to the extent that you request.   This may range from gathering data and conducting customized data development (online surveys, onsite focus groups) to formatting data and information into presentation form to be reviewed as part of the Strategic Planning meeting.

Phase 3: Strategy Development

By participating in planning meetings, your leadership and key staff will provide valuable input and will take “ownership” of the Strategic Plan, making it easier to effectively communicate throughout your agency and to stakeholders.  We facilitate meetings with your planning group and guide them through the Strategic Plan development stages; drafting the Strategic Plan as a result of the planning sessions and providing it to leadership for review and approval.

Phase 4: Work Plan Development

The pivot from Strategy to meaningful Work Plans is an important one.  The focus on “what” shifts to “how”.   After time, effort and resources are identified for each Strategy in the Work Plan, it must be illustrated in an easy to understand layout that clearly expresses its focus and intent and identifies those responsible for executing each task.  WBKEARNEY & Associates offers Work Plan templates in WORD or EXCEL.  In addition, we use software resources like Microsoft PROJECT, powerful project management softwares, as well as some Apps, (SG Project and Priority Matrix for example.)

Each Strategic Plan process is customized as the resources and capacities of each organization is unique.  All or part of the planning process can be supported.  Individual cost estimates are provided to each interested organization.  Strategic Plan development time frames vary, but in general it takes 6 months from planning to plan, to finalizing the Work Plan.  Schedule considerations are always taken in to account in planning the Strategic Plan development calendar.

In addition, we offer planning support in a number of other areas, including:

Start-up Organization Planning
Proposal Development
Program Development
Special Product Development
Resource Development
Board Development

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