In the child and youth service field, there is a need to provide real time information for youth serving professionals and volunteers.  They need knowledge of child and youth development and corresponding youth activities used to create intentional programming for youth to foster positive youth well-being and successful preparation for adulthood.  A young, vibrant workforce for today and tomorrow is looking for answers, solutions and support at the touch of a screen.  WBKEARNEY & Associates products are practitioner-developed, academically-credible resources for today’s child and youth program workforce.

E-QYP (Equipping Quality Youth Professionals) is the leading iPad and iPhone app for child and youth professionals and volunteers developed to address this need.  E-QYP puts child and youth development information in the hands of the full span of students, volunteers, and staff that work with kids and teens across a broad range of settings.  From camps, troops and groups, afterschool, drop-in, church and therapeutic settings, E-QYP places activities and resources in the context of child and youth development theory to develop understanding of age-appropriate developmental needs and how to work with young people at the different ages.

0-EQYDPAlso available in iBook, e-book and print form, Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals provides direct service volunteers and practitioners with powerful age-organized child and youth development research, its application, sample activities and sample websites.  The Tool will equip all persons volunteering or working with children and youth, while serving as a powerful supervisory and staff development tool for those who oversee staff and volunteers.

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