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WBKEARNEY & Associates collaborates with The University of Georgia’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Human Development and Family Scienceensuring practitioner-driven company tools are theoretically and academically sound.  WBKEARNEY & Associates also brings the company’s field experience to the campus.  Additionally, WBKEARNEY & Associates provides internship opportunities to HDFS students preparing to graduate and transition to professional employment opportunities.

Bill Kearney is proud to have served as an UGA HDFS Visiting Scholar in the Fall of 2012.


As collaborators in innovation, Clemson University’s Youth Development Leadership Program has brought E-QYP into the virtual classroom and has contributed to its development as the leading App for child and youth professionals.  See the webpage describing the full Clemson YDL-WBKEARNEY & Associates relationship.


Fox Valley Technical College operates the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC), a recognized leader in the delivery of training to criminal justice and public safety professionals and communities across the nation. With a 20+ year history in the delivery of training, NCJTC customizes and tailor trainings to meet the unique needs of state, local or tribal jurisdictions and communities.  WBKEARNEY & Associates is a consultant resource for Fox Valley Technical College on justice-related topics, ranging from juvenile justice to child protection and human trafficking.

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LB International Consulting, LLC provides research-based consultation and training services that are comprehensive and culturally and linguistically competent. They are equipped to provide an array of consultation and training services to groups, individual agencies, consortia of organizations, and/or governmental agencies.  WBKEARNEY & Associates is a consultant resource for LBIC International Consulting, LLC on child welfare issues and management topics.  We are also partner with LB International Consulting in the creation and development of the Global Center for Creative Learning.

G & G

G & G Consultants, LLC provides technical assistance, training, and other human resources services to criminal justice and social services agencies and jurisdictions, especially those serving youth at-risk. G & G Consultants, LLC is the sole source for the training and certification of trainers for AGGRESSION REPLACEMENT TRAINING® (ART®), a multimodal comprehensive intervention for violent and aggressive adolescents. This intervention has 25 years of delivery in over 45 States, 6 Canadian Provinces, and several foreign countries. Its three components, Skills Training, Anger Control Training, and Moral Reasoning, address the three facets that produce aggression and violence in young offenders, that is: the behavioral, affective, and cognitive components of aggressive and violent behavior.  WBKEARNEY & Associates works with G&G Consultants, LLC on at-risk youth issues and related topics.

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