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Where “canned” training ends, customized training by WBKEARNEY & Associates begins. Our training is designed with clients to address specific staff and organizational needs.  We shape agendas to meet desired outcomes, bringing the latest information, theory and research, best practices and proven approaches to requested topics.  Through our training and staff development support, WBKEARNEY & Associates builds staff and organizational capacity, with implementation considerations and long-term impact in mind.

Custom training topics provided include:

Management Topics

Strategic Planning
Project Planning
Project Management
Time Management
Organizing for Results
Building Organizational Capacity
Forming and Managing Collaborative Ventures
Board Development
Staff Supervision
Adaptive Leadership

Youth Work-Related Topics

Understanding and Working with School-Age Children (Ages 6-11)
Understanding and Working with Pre-Teens and Teens (Ages 12-18)
The Power of Small Group Programs
Creating Teen Programs that Excel (and Sell!)
Youth Gangs
Building Community Collaborations for  Youth in Care

Let WBKEARNEY & ASSOCIATES support your training, staff development and knowledge management needs, both for staff retention and long-term organizational growth.

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