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WBKEARNEY & Associates is a founding partner of the Global Center for Creative Learning, a training collaborative dedicated to bringing practitioner-driven training and solutions for new managers and supervisors in the human service field.

The Managing Staff Effectively curriculum was developed to provide child, youth and family service organizations and agencies with core, practical training for new supervisors and managers, as well as advanced topics for experienced managers and executives.  The series is designed to allow agencies and organizations to select topics and sub-topics, to customize their training for their specific professional development needs.

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Core Supervisory Training

It takes the proper blend of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to supervise other people effectively.  The Core Supervisory Training components address knowledge attainment, skill development and examination of attitudes and behaviors for new supervisors, and for current supervisors looking to refresh or expand their supervisory skills. Core Supervisory Training topics include:

Effective Supervisory Skills   

(Up To A Full Day)

  1. Supervision and Supervisory Roles
  2. Self Awareness and Management Styles
  3. Time Management
  4. Informed Decision-making
  5. Team Building
  6. Planning and Conducting Meetings
  7. Structuring and Conducting Formal Supervisory Sessions
  8. Identifying and Managing Stress
  9. Financial Management and Resource Allocation

Personnel Management Skills 

(Up To A Full Day)

  1. Successful Recruiting Approaches
  2. Effective Screening Techniques
  3. Conducting Successful Interviews
  4. Effective Hiring Practices
  5. Comprehensive Orientation Training
  6. Effective Strategies for Professional Development
  7. Effective Methods for Managing Personnel Issues
  8. Successfully Managing Conflict
  9. Performance Appraisals

Developing Relational Skills

(Up To A Full Day)

  1. Establishing Relationships
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Supervisory Accountabilities
  4. Inherent Role Conflicts
  5. Constructive Confrontation
  6. Self-Awareness in Relationships
  7. Offsite/Remote Supervision
  8. Working with your Supervisor



Advanced Management Topics

Specialized Training topics focus on critical areas of professional development for new and experienced supervisors:

Risk Management 

(Up To A Full Day)

  1. Risk Management
  2. Risk/Liability Mitigation
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Identifying Pedophiles/Reducing Agency Risk
  5. Preventing/Managing Crisis


(Up To A Full Day)

  1. Leading Others
  2. Change Management
  3. Followership
  4. Organization Advocacy
  5. Today’s Adaptive Challenges
  6. Adaptive Leadership
  7.  Framework for Leading Transformation
  8. Succession Planning

Cultural & Linguistic Competency  

(Up To A Full Day)

  1. Factors that Influence Cultural Competence
  2. Organizational Stages along Cultural Competence Continuum
  3. Factors that Influence Linguistic Competence
  4. Effective Approaches for Managing Hidden Cultures
  5. Effective Approaches for Managing Diversity
  6. Role of Professional Development in Cultural Competence/Proficiency
  7. Action Steps Supporting Cultural and Linguistic Competence/Proficiency


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